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Botala (Urdu: بوتالہ ‬‎), is a village and one of the 51 Union Councils of Khushab District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

отзывы кашемир bottopoala

It is situated 3.5 km south from the main Mianwali-Lahore road. It is about 12 kilometers distance from district headquarters Jauahrabad and 60 kilometers from divisional headquarters Sargodha.


  • Area:Total area is near about 10,000 acres отзывы кашемир bottopoala Areas: Pindi, Jhugi manday wali, Handan wala, Balkian aala boad.Neher pul jabbi
  • Different parts of the agricultural areas of the village: Tapian, Gada maar, Jhugi manday wali, Отзывы кашемир bottopoala wala, отзывы кашемир bottopoala, Kamoon,


Population is about 18,000.


The lands of the village are fertile with 98% irrigated areas and 2% desert.


  • Crops: The major crops of botala are sugarcane, rice, wheat, etc.
  • Canal and irrigation system: There are 5 major canals in the lands of Botala.

    Hundreds of water courses are lying there.

  • Deserts: The great Thal Desert starts from Botala and its native town Hadali as well.



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Отзывы кашемир bottopoala Petrol Pump @ Botala Adda
Govt Elementary School for Boys, Botala
Inside Отзывы кашемир bottopoala of Govt Elementary School отзывы кашемир bottopoala Boys, Botala
Govt School for Boys, Botala
Govt Elementary School for Girls, Botala
Govt Primary School Pindi, Botala
Location Near Head, Botala
Play Ground Near Graveyard
Darbar Baba Qamer Ali, Botala
Masid Burhanoo wali, Botala
Masjid Faizan e Haq Bahoo, Botala
Masjid Farooq e Azam, Botala
Dara Numbardaraan wala, Botala
View of Botala link road from MT
View near Masjid Haq Bahoo
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